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TalentArmyMusic connects you directly to top Music Industry Executives & Record Labels YOU choose to reach. You’ll get written feedback AND instant consideration on your music* guaranteed!

Just 3 simple steps for YOU to FINALLY get heard by the Top Labels and Music Executives:

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  • Select Music Executives and Record Labels you want to reach by clicking on the checkbox next to each name.
  • Click the add to cart button to submit the link to your song(s)*. Be SURE the link takes the expert to THE ONE song you want them to hear

You will receive detailed written feedback from the expert of your choice GUARANTEED!

*In the event of an offer or record deal, and it's partners ask for nothing in return except the right to mention your success was found on our website. You agree to allow the right to promote, and or, mention said success was secured through, and because of our exclusive platform.

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