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TalentArmyMusic.com was established by major music executives and award-winning entertainment professionals as a way to discover aspiring artists, producers and musicians who are ready for a deal, song placement, have great songs to sell...or just need a little help to get there.

TalentArmyMusic provides a direct introduction between aspiring talent and decision makers in the music and entertainment industry. We GUARANTEE every submission will be delivered directly to the Expert you choose from our list, and that you will receive direct feedback and critique of your submission from that person.

Additionally, you may be contacted directly by the expert of your choice if s/he is also interested in working with you, although there is absolutely no guarantee of this.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event a label or music professional wants to works with you after your submission, TalentArmyMusic asks nothing in return—other than the right to promote/advertise your success and/or new relationship. 

If you have the TALENT we have the ARMY of MUSIC experts to help propel your career to the next level!

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